Author: Benjamin Portnoy

Throat Care For Working Voiceover Talents

If you’re not used to using your voice all the time, you’re going to learn quickly that talking all day takes a toll on your throat. While having too much work is a problem we all like to have, you still need to take care of yourself, both for your health and your ability to continue to work. There are some tricks of the trade that many of us use in order to protect our voices. Try them and see what works for you. Warm Up Your Voice Just like any muscle, it helps to warm up your throat....

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Do I Need A Voiceover Coach?

If you try to do everything yourself without any guidance, there’s an excellent chance that your voiceover career will never take off, and you’ll find yourself still STUCK in your dumb day job, wondering what went wrong. Here’s how a coach can help make sure you find voiceover success.

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Can I Breathe Yet??

We all do it. On average, 23,040 times per day. But do you ever stop to think WHEN you should breathe? Or HOW? One of the most hotly debated topics in voiceover is about just that — when to breathe, how to breathe, and whether that breath should actually be PART of the voiceover itself. So, let’s clear the air, here. (Ha…get it? Clear…”air”…) The Purpose Of Breaths In Voiceovers Aside from the quite obvious function of keeping you alive, breaths serve a purpose while you’re recording a voiceover. By leaving your breaths in the recording, you’re: Inserting a...

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