Author: Benjamin Portnoy

Interview with Rick Gordon of

CLICK TO LISTEN: TRANSCRIPTION OF INTERVIEW: Benjamin: Hi there, this is Benjamin Portnoy, founder of the voiceover training company, VoiceoverPal, and I am on the line here with my new friend, Rick Gordon, founder of and Rick, why don’t you tell us how it got started. Rick: I started out the band as a DJ in the private radio stations, working in various small and large markets here in Canada, and I really took a liking to radio commercials. I really had a lot of fun on the air as well, but I specifically really liked radio...

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Why Every Voiceover Read Involves a Character

When we talk about characters, we typically think of them in the context of animation, video games or something similar. But as voice actors, we assume the role of a character no matter what the read. Let me explain. If you are voicing a commercial for a crossover vehicle that appeals to 20-somethings, you probably are trying to sound like a 20-something. If that’s the case, you are playing the character of a 20-something. For that reason you should know what a 20-something sounds like, as well as have a fair understanding of everything about that character. Why? Because...

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Mental Toughness and Voice Acting

There is a movement that’s gaining a lot of attention centered around something called mental toughness. When you boil it all down, mental toughness centers around the fact that you are more likely to succeed at what you want if you can push through pain, the same way an athlete or bodybuilder pushes through pain to tear down their bodies and build them back stronger. Voiceover is no different. We are not just business people, but we are athletes with our voices and daily stamina. Case in point, this morning I got up at 6 a.m. after about four...

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